What is a Free Gift Card App?

They are strings of text that you can obtain when completing surveys in the different pages and mobile applications. You will get a predetermined number of points that will be instantly credited to your account.

Sometimes you can get gift cards from different shopping sites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart among others very popular.

Where can I find these Gift Card?

Gift codes can be found in several places and vary a bit depending on the region. To receive notifications when there are active points, you must subscribe to our page.

We will tell you exactly what benefit points are active during the day and how long they last. You only have to subscribe to our social networks to be able to notify you when a new code is released. Publications can appear on Facebook, Twitter.

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How to redeem Gift Cards?

If you are on the page, enter the code in the code box at the top, move the mouse over the icon and paste the code.

Always point and paste a code when using a PC. Double click on the code, press ctrl c to copy, then ctrl v to paste it.

Make sure you are entering the code correctly. Some are case-sensitive. Make sure you do not have spaces before or after each gift card code.

The rewards are sometimes country-specific, or they can be good for all countries. You must try each code, every time, regardless of the country.